Ransomware is particular method of extracting money from you by disabling access either your whole computer or particular files.  It then demands money from you to regain access.  This is when you find out how valuable your data is to you when you can’t run your business without it.

There are stategies to protect yourself:

Follow the 10 steps to cyber security, 

Keep windows up-to-date (win 10).

Ensure your anti-virus auto updates, scans  AND is suitably configured.

  • For example: ESET offer settings to provide additional protection.  These prevent certain processes running that are needed for ransomware to take hold on your PC.

Adopt the 3-2-1 backup strategy particularly in independant offsite backup and that you know how to restore.  This won’t prevent an attack but allows recovery without paying up

Criminal Mentality

Understand that the perpetrators are just running a business. Some run a business that sells the ransomware service.  This is where other criminals go online, create a ransomware campaign and pay for that service. The campaign organisers then encrypt your data by getting you to click on a link in an email or an attachment. It may be by getting you go to a website they hacked which downloads the malware. You then get an onscreen warning message.  This then states if you want to get your data back you must pay money, often in Bitcoin. Then you will receive an unlock code.

Criminals do not care who you are or what adverse affects they may have on you or your business. They are just making money. They are not picking on you specifically; it is not peronal, just hard business.  Cold, callous and unfeeling.  They are also looking to recover their overheads of the crimminal ransomware campaign service.

Sometimes the encryption is badly written and cannot be undone. Normally they have every incentive to allow access after you’ve paid.  If not their business model does not work. If they get a reputation not to deliver after payment no one will ever pay up.

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