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Password Spraying

Another reason to avoid using the same password across many sites and particularly to avoid the same common passwords everyone else uses. Spraying is where lists of a small number of common passwords are used to brute force large numbers of accounts. These attacks are

Compromised WordPress Site

It’s even happened here with an unpatched version of WP GDPR compliance plugin. Vulnerable up to and including v1.4.2. Thankfully following instructions with Wordfence standard saved the day. All is well and nothing lost – except a couple of hours time. So I do recommend

GDPR with wordpress

THere’s loads of free addins if you search Google. This site uses WP GDPR Compliance to addin to contact form 7 and Cookie Consent. https://wordpress.org/news/2018/04/gdpr-compliance-tools-in-wordpress/

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yet another Linked In post covering People being busy https://www.linkedin.com/feed/news/stop-saying-youre-so-busy-856932/Too many comments to read, perhaps if people didn’t waste so much time on social media and texts they may be more productive. This BBC clip suggests you are being hooked on you mobile device.  

Taxation of cryptocurrency profits

If you have profited from crypto currency you may be liable to tax, depending on what activities you are undertaking – buying/selling/exchanging, trading, investing, mining, payment processing. VAT   Corporation Tax (CT)   Income Tax (IT)   Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as set out in

Cyber secure your Cyber currency

Do you protect your actual wallet containing your hard earned cash, credit cards and ID? If you’re happy speculating on cryptocurrency with the same carefree financial attitude you have to gambling away on bet366, casinoroyale or pokerface then this opinion article probably isn’t for you.

Crypto Crazy

It’s all against crypto this last few months: Europol: Criminals hide billions in crypto cash.  bbc news Get Ready for Most Cryptocurrencies to Hit Zero, Goldman Says msn.com Beginning 2018 in USA, all cyptocurrency transactions are taxable, including the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another.

Google Captcha

There is a free Google reCaptcha which can be used with WordPress contacts https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html It creates/registers a site key and secret key for use in the contact integration and the html tags for the header and the contact page.  Time will tell how well it

Home Page

I have a variety of experiences managing and implementing IT in a smaller business.

Current experience includes ecommerce websites running Romancart with Google SEO, analytics and webmaster tools as well as MS Office 365 management, ESET endpoint security, file security and ERA console, install/configure 2012R2 servers, 2016 server with Remote Desktop Services, RD web access and session hosts, Active Directory, user management and access control,  Hyper-V servers.

Veeam backup and restore 9.5 software and 321 backup strategy, carbonite cloud backup/restores, Synology NAS drive configuration, Doubletake failover & replication for business continuity, Cyber security 10 steps advice

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